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What IS a Keto Diet Plan & Why is It Beneficial?

high fat keto diet plan

I could probably write up a giant dissertation on what a Keto diet plan is and all of the ins and outs of why a ketogenic diet works, how to do it, etc.  But, in reality, the video below and my 70 page Keto Diet ebook, should cover a great deal.  You can, of course, watch the video now.  Then, you can get my ebook for free to read it later to fill in any gaps.  Simply connect with me via Facebook Messenger using the button below.  Just click the “Send it to Messenger” button and I’ll quickly get you the link to download the book and set your Keto diet plan in motion today.

Alternatively, video seems to be how most people in the world consume their content and information these days.  So, I am embedding a video below that discusses, among other things, “What is ketosis”, keto weight loss, how it works, why keto works and how to get into ketosis.  I believe it will prove incredibly helpful in explaining exactly how you can use a low carb diet and ketone bodies for weight loss, mental clarity, more sustainable energy and to help with all sorts of physical issues.

It is only about 10 minutes long (even shorter if you speed up the playback speed – highly recommended).  But, it really runs down all the basics of what Keto is, why it works and how to do it.

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Check out the video:

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Lastly, here’s a little “shameless plug” to check out our “not so movie quality” video about ketogenics and to introduce our ebook.